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If there’s one thing we don’t need more of in the world, it’s DJs. You always see them grooving around at clubs or music events, showing off their prominent drip and immense swagger.

It certainly seems like we have an incredible abundance of these glorified button-pushers. And that’s exactly why it’s so refreshing to come across a DJ who is actually talented and passionate enough to glow on stage.

The Gifted DJ From Mykonos

Introducing Louis X, a skilled DJ, noteworthy producer, composer, and overall wonderful human being. Louis plays music not for himself but for the listeners, hoping to make them forget their worries for a little while. And there’s something noble about that.

Inspired by the great David Guetta, Louis started making music at the age of 16 after witnessing one of his performances. He admits it was the best night of his life and went through a range of alluring emotions still retained in his memory. Since then, he has aimed to create powerful music that produces the same sensations for others.

Before He Started Performing

Louis used to work waiting jobs at local restaurants in Mykonos before finding the inspiration to make music. He knew he needed the training to succeed, so he saved enough money to buy his own DJ equipment.

Soon, he traveled to London and studied music at the Pointblank Music School, where he truly delved into his passion. By the time he graduated in 2015, he had both the desire and skill to play his first musical gig.

Louis X Career

As a DJ, Louis is extremely enigmatic and radiates an electrifying aura that seems to resonate with his audience. We have to admit; we didn’t know what to expect, but were really impressed we saw him perform live at the Cosma Club in Mykonos.

This was the exact moment we were reminded Djing isn’t just about pressing buttons and twiddling your thumbs on a disc. It’s about control, maneuverability, and the ability to mesmerize a whole crowd. Louis X personifies all of these elements and so much more.

His Spotify has four original singles, some of which came after collaborating with fellow artists such as Arli and Najra Qato. His 2022 single ‘Touch Me’ has gained over 24,000 views; meanwhile, ‘Down in The Rain’ released in 2021, has over 63,000 views.

His recent track, ‘Here She Comes Again,’ has over 13,000 views. The original composition features iconic beats and powerful vocals that elevate your emotions. It’s definitely one of the most underrated tracks on Spotify right now.

What Does The Future Hold For Louis X?

Louis X will start performing at the Cosma Club in April and has several tours for later this year. He will be playing in Albania and then crossing over to Asia in October to perform in Bali, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Check out his original music on SpotifyApple MusicSoundcloud, and Beatport. Follow him on Instagram to stay updated on his next move. We hope you shower him with love and support!

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