NewsBreaking Boundaries: Louis X’s Unique Sound Is Redefining the Music Industry

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The music community has an abundance of talented artists, phenomenal singers, and brilliant composers. While sensations like Harry Styles and Beyonce will always have a prominent place in people’s hearts, there’s always a new persona on the verge of global stardom that we are often clueless about.

Louis X is a Dj, record producer, and entertainer on the rise who has been lighting up the nightclub scene on a weekly basis. He is also a passionate composer and has released several singles on Spotify. Although he doesn’t have a colossal fan following yet, we believe it’s a possibility soon.

A little Backstory

Louis X (Arntit Stavro) is a native of Mykonos, Greece, and comes from Greek/Albanian mixed descent. He saw his first David Guetta performance when he was 16, and it was nothing short of life-changing. From then on, he focused his entire life on building up a music career.

He attended the Pointblank Music School in London around early 2014-2015, where he learned the fundamentals of musical compositions. From there, he mixed what he learned with his own sounds and started experimenting with some groovy beats. His music soon amassed a fan following, marking his first milestone as an artist.

Louis X: Early Career

Having gained the knowledge, skill, and overall flair of a musical enigma, Louis set out to do what he did best, play music. As a DJ, he wanted to develop a flair and panache similar to Guetta, and that’s exactly what he did.

He started out doing small gigs at parties and events, which gave him a lot of exposure. He later started playing for the Cosma club at Mykonos, one of the most happening places to be in the city. Clubgoers loved his energy and persona, which was really a special feeling for him.

Louis would often look into the crowd to spot random teenagers having the time of their lives. The image was a lovely reminder of how he felt the first time he once saw Guetta perform.

Louis X On Spotify

Louis X has released four original singles on Spotify and has gained an overall play count of approximately 130,000 views. His 2021 single, ‘Down in the Rain,’ a collaboration with Metatune, has gotten over 63,000 views. ‘Touch Me,’ another collaboration with Arli, has over 24,000 views.

His most recent track, ‘Here She Comes Again,’ has a powerful and unique aura that gets us vibing every time. The beats are quirky, the instrumentals are electrifying, and the encapsulating vocals by Najra Qato drop countless jaws in sheer awe. The track quickly amassed over 13,000 views, and the number keeps growing bigger every day.

What Is Louis X Working On Now?

Louis is working on his next Spotify release, which will go online soon. He is also looking forward to performing at the Cosma Club in April, go ahead and drop by if you’re in Mykonos! Moreover, he also has an international tour planned out in Asia for October this year.

Overall, Louis X is a talented composer, energetic DJ, and a beautiful human being. Check out his Spotify , BeatportSoundcloud, and Apple Music accounts if you want to listen to his original tracks. You can also follow him on Instagram to show your support and find out his next move.

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