NewsLouis X: The Humble DJ Taking the Nightclub Scene By Storm

Louis X is among many notable DJs we’ve encountered in the nightclub scene, with a unique flare for dance music. His grooves always get the club swinging in a deep trance that lasts until the next morning. His passion and dedication to his art have already amassed over forty thousand followers on Instagram, and it’s growing more every day.

But the most inserting aspect of Louis X is his humbleness, which reflects the way he shows love for the world. He wants his listeners to get to know him better, which is why we’ve come up with this exciting trivia about our favorite upcoming DJ/Producer.

What Is Louis X’s Real Name?

In case you didn’t know, Louis X is just a stage name that aptly defines his musical persona. His real name is Arntit Stavro, which might be a little difficult for Americans to pronounce, or Canadians, for that matter. Arntit is of Greek-Albanian mixed descent and has been interested in international music from a very young age.

When Did Louis X Start Making Music?

Louis X first started making music at the tender age of 16. He wasn’t a very musical person until 2007, when he saw David Guetta perform for the first time at a prominent Mykonos club.

It was a spontaneous plan brought to him by his friend, and there was no way of knowing how much it would affect his life. Apparently, Louis went through a series of intense emotions throughout the performance. The then 16-year-old was overcome with joy, euphoria, bliss, and ecstasy (not the kind you’re thinking about!). At the end of it all, he just knew he had to make music.

He didn’t waste any time and immediately purchased his first music-making software and, after a while, some DJ equipment. He started experimenting with different beats, sounds, and vocals, developing new tracks as well as remixing old ones.

Who Does Louis X Seek Inspiration From?

Louis draws inspiration from some of the prominent names in the dance music scene. He loves tuning into tracks by DJ Martin Garrix and loves his overall energy and aura.

But the person he looks up to most is none other than the contemporary dance scene legend David Guetta.

What Is Louis X’s Favorite Song?

His all-time favorite song is the sensational 2011 pop phenomenon, Titanium. Guetta lends his breathtaking instrumental to this astonishing composition, and you have the beautiful Sia on vocals, who is a powerhouse in the musicdom.

What’s Next For Louis X?

Louis X is all set to perform at the Cosma Club Mykonos in April. Besides that, he has some exciting tours planned out, which will take him to Albania and then across Vietnam, Thailand, and Bali.

Where Can I Listen To Louis X’s Music?

If you want to tune in to some of his original compositions, we recommend visiting his SpotifyBeatportSoundcloud, or Apple Music. At the moment, he has over 300 monthly listeners, and his tracks have been played over 130,000 times. Show your support by following is Instagram!

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