NewsFeatured: Artist Louis X’s exquisite music

Jukebox Mind is today featuring well-known artist Louis X’s phenomenal tracks. The artist has recently released his new track which is titled Here She Comes Again. We got a special sneak peek into the single and were allured by the bold usage of tonality that is quite innovative and unconventional. The enthralling melodic tones capture us right away. The vocal nuances create a dynamic impact altogether. Another vital track from his discography is Touch Me.


With a fluidic arrangement, the single cajoles us into listening to it on a loop mode! The addictive elements seem to be the rigorous transitions that are truly superb! However, what caught our attention was the dynamism of varied structures ingrained in Street Spirit. The synth sounds, refreshing tones and scintillating sonic variety showcase the creativity of Louis X and his ability to wrap around distinct tonality for a more cohesive musical experience.


Overall, we were impressed by his music and highly recommend his discography which is now streaming on all major music streaming services.


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